Back from the Bishops’ Conference Plenary Meeting in Leeds

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The Bishop's Blog

Hello and welcome to this week’s Bishop’s Blog!


The Bishops of England & Walesmet at Hinsley Hall in Leeds this past week for their autumn conference, one of two yearly meetings involving all the bishops.


The aim of such gatherings is to strengthen the bonds between bishops, and at the same time permit coordinating efforts to address, where we can, as a Conference topics and challenges currently affecting the Catholic community for which the bishops are responsible.


There was a wide range of subjects to be reflected upon, some more pressing than others.


As the President of the Conference, Cardinal Nichols, notedin the press conference, the plight of migrants was a major challenge of our times.


The Bishops of the Conference reiterated the importance of respecting the God-given dignity of every person, especially those in crisis-points in our world and especially those forced into exile from their…

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