Bishop’s Blog: The Rite of Election and the Miracle Rally

Dear friends in Christ of the Diocese of Lancaster and beyond,

Welcome to this week’s Bishop’s Blog!

Last weekend was a welcome up-lift for me, all the more so since it brought unexpected joys. On Saturday afternoon at the Cathedral we held the Rite of Election at which we formally marked the desire of several individuals to become Catholic Christians. Others attending will be received into the Church this Easter. Both groups were supported by family, friends and clergy from all over the Diocese. (I am conscious that several others were prevented from being with us due to travel difficulties.) I find these personal journeys leading people to Christ quite moving and definitely encouraging. In spite of all the issues, problems and bad press the Church gets -some of it sadly self-inflicted – Our Lord continues to speak to the heart and draw us to Himself. We know He wishes that for all of us. It is wonderful to see it actually happening and to see people having the courage and love to let it happen. Think about it. The following day I was in Preston for Mass with Damian Steyne, Cor et Lumen Christi and a Miracle Rally. I was there on the quieter day of the weekend but still found quite a crowd. A particular joy was to discover a group of women from Zambia who live in Leeds and had come over for the weekend. Some of them even knew Chivuna, my old parish. There was singing and dancing! Lent does not ask us to fast from Joy..
As this week comes to an end there is more sorry news in the media, particularly the terrorist tragedy in Christchurch, New Zealand. But our lives as followers of Christ are not ‘problem-led’ or even ‘media-led’. We must take note of them and do what we can to play our part in world’s affairs, and be light and leaven.We will not be indifferent to the suffering around us, but we will certainly not willingly be the cause of it either. There world has enough problems. A little time in the wilderness won’t do us any harm in the long run.

As ever in Christ our Lord,



Paul Swarbrick

Bishop of Lancaster