My Christmas Greetings and Blessings!

My dear friends in Jesus Christ!

Welcome to the Bishop’s Blog!

As we listen to the news and as we look around at our world it is very clear that we need a Saviour. The Good News is that we have one, the only One who can effectively save us from all that would take life from us. Jesus Christ, Son of God, son of Mary! Let us not be blind to all those small efforts made by so many individuals, helping to share love, bring hope, lighten the burdens of loneliness and trying to bring healing to those whose lives are broken. The needs are so great. No sooner have we achieved a little progress than some new crisis appears. It may be personal or global or anywhere in between. Let us not be too proud to ask for help. Even the strongest people have their limits, but the love of God is limitless. Light, Hope, Joy, Peace come from Him. Let us see our poverty so that we can receive His riches. They are gifts that will not fail or fade. With Christ by our side, the future is bright, and the present full of consolation, and the past is blessed because it has enabled us to reach this moment of His Grace.My thoughts and prayers extend to embrace each of you, and particularly those who are experiencing heavy burdens at this time. May you have a Holy and Peaceful Christmas as you sense the gift of God’s Love, found in the Babe of Bethlehem.



Paul Swarbrick

Bishop of Lancaster