Keeping our attention on Christ!

My dear brother and sisters,

Welcome back to the Bishop’s Blog for this week!

We know we live in exceptional times when, the day following a remarkable budget, the news is dominated by something else.I do not need to comment on COVID-19, except to say that the two sources of information for us are Public Health England and specific guidelines from the Diocesan office. What is clear already is that we are not at liberty to excuse ourselves from following the public guidelines. This is impacting on all our lives.What is equally clear is the need for us to live our Faith in an intense way in our daily lives. Now, more than ever, lives of Faith are needed. At the beginning of Lent I talked about our need to guard life And eternal life.In these circumstances we must retain our access to the Lord in any way we can. Our churches should be open for individuals to pay their visits to the Blessed Sacrament and find ‘that peace the world cannot give’. What a gift of peace they will find there!

Let us commend ourselves to the Lord. Let us pray daily for those most frightened, most lonely, most lost. Let us be at the heart of the daily news as people who confidently carry the Good News of Jesus: ‘Have no fear, I am with you always!’

With my Prayers,


Paul Swarbrick

Bishop of Lancaster